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  • Ref. : H10292
  • EAN : 3662009013633
4x10W RGBW LEDs 4-projector bar with Pan and Tilt movements
It is going all over the place

The FIRESTORM-4x10 is a brand new 5-dimension projector. The projector bar is in constant movement and the 4 independent rojectors move on their own as well.
We are sure this next-gen projector will very quickly make its mark in the lighting world.
The on-board technology and built-in programmation is in line with LE CLUB series high standards and allow you to whether use the music-sensitive mode programs, or take full control of the projector via its DMX interface to create the exact show you want.
  • 4x10W Quadricolor LEDs
  • Independent PAN movements for each projector
  • The whole bar rotates on a Tilt axis
  • Music-sensitive built-in programs
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Light sources • 4x10W RGBW LEDs - 50 000 hours (expected) • Aperture angle: 7° (individual lenses) • Low power consumption, can be operated non-stop for many hours Effects • Adjustable strobe • Adjustable pulse effect • Adjustable electronic dimmer: 0 - 100% Control • Standard DMX-512 • 1 / 11A / 11B / 15 DMX channels • Simplified controls (EASY-2 Compatible) • Built-in music-sensitive programs (via the internal mic) • Simplified controls of several units (with the Master/Slave mode) • Drop-down display to assign and choose the different modes Movements • The bar rotates on a TILT axis • Independent 90° PAN movement for each projector Package content • Projector • User guide • IEC / 2-pole + earth power cord • Two retaining brackets with Quicklock fasteners Additional characteristics • Omega fixation system • Power consumption : 80W max. • Power supply : 100/230V - 50/60Hz, AC • Dimensions : 791 x 152 x 232 mm • Net weight : 10.2 Kg
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    Audiophony : Sonorisation
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